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* sundays, outside normal working hours and urgent jobs carry a small surcharge


Here are some of our more popular services.  We can do one-on-one training.  We repair and sell new and old desktop systems, laptops and Apple systems.  We support both the home and small business customer throughout the North shore of Auckland.  Please call us on 021-622-815 for further information or bookings.  

Our refurbished HP systems, starting at $259, will amaze you.  Don't spend $900+ at the big retailers when you can buy these refurbished systems with performance close to a standard desktop.  In addition they come with a 3 month warranty as standard. 

Virus removal.  

from $119

​​The internet is a dangerous place, filled with different viruses and malware software trying to infect your PC.  Generally speaking, a virus is a computer program that is auto multiplying and infecting the computer without the users will. Many times these programs produce a lot of damage on the your computer by deleting folders, wrecking programs or even hard drive formatting. Other times they can auto multiply in order to fill the computers hardware and slowing the other programs, or can display various pictures or messages.Some anti-virus programs are better than others, and sometimes you need more than just an anti-virus.  If you think you have a virus you probably have!  symptoms include slow computer, slow internet access, funny popups.



from $99

​There are many factors that can affect your computer performance, ranging from viruses and malware, to old age. 

I don't know about you, but using a slow computer is very irritating! Sometimes I used to wish my computer was brand new again, when it ran like a dream!  Just like anything else with moving parts, such as your car...It needs maintenance so that it remains in top shape!  The good news is there is a lot to be done to improve your computer performance.  CleangreenComputer offers a number of options to improve performance.  We will analyze your individual computer and recommend computer repair options that are best for your computer.

As always our goal is to mimise landfill and this service focuses on getting your computer back to optimum so theres no need to go and buy a new computer!

Web Design, Management and Consulting.

from $299.

​Visit the (a cleangreencomputer company) to see what is possible and how we can help to grow your business on the web.  Check out some of our existing clients here..

New & Refurbished Laptops, Macs and Desktops.

​from $255

We offer very competitive pricing for new or refurbished HP., Compaq and Apple computers and Laptops.  We have extensive knowledge of HP, Compaq, Acer, Asus and Apple systems.  Refurbished HP desktops from $255 with warranty!


Home Security with low cost IP Camera.  Call us now for  a free quote.

We can install a camera(s) in a few hours that you can access direct from your smartphone - android or iPhone.​  You can record to your computer day and night.  You will be amazed at how quickly you can be up and running.  No need for expensive cabling or electricians.  This is all plug and play.  Keep an eye on the children, the house, the boat, the garage from simply anywhere in the world for as little as $159 plus camera(s).

Mail migrtation from yahoo and telecom xtra to google.  $125

We make the move from the unreliable telecom xtra (yahoo) mail platform to Google.  This includes migrating your contacts and mail.  Setting up and testing your mail client : Microsoft Express, Outlook or Eudora.

We will also help you make contact with all your contacts informing them if the change.  Flat fee $125.


laptop or Mac screen replacement from $189

System set-up and configuration - data migration

from $115

If you need help moving your old data files, pictures, documents and mail from your old machine to the new one then this service is for you.  Most migrations are completed in less than an hour.


On-site internet access management from iPad etc.  $129

We will set-up an internet access regime for you at your home or business.  

This is done by identifing all the devices on your network via their unique MAC address - iPads, iPhones, iTouch, laptop or desktop.    We then define and implement (on the wireless router) an agreed access profile for each device by hour of day and day of week.  Outside of these specific times the device will not have access to the internet.   This is done for a flat fee of $149.

Please note: this may require you to buy a new ADSL2+ router since older routers do not support blocking by device.



Laptops and iPads are the most common screen replacement.    Call us for a quote.  Most repairs done same day if we have your screen in stock.