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Free 12 month warranty (valued at $139)  included in the all our laptops and macbooks sold before December 2018 and subject to stock levels.   You can also pre-order for School 2019 here to secure your laptops, macbooks, chromebooks and iPads.


All our refurbished computers are top quality - 'A' grade laptops, Macbooks and devices from businesses when they come off-lease and are usually 2-3 years old. We take them apart, clean major components and replace damaged parts. Our current stock include:

  • Refurbished iMac,

  • Refurbished Macbook,

  • Refurbished HP and DELL laptops and desktops.

We refurbish our machines to a high standard and provide extended warranty. This is NOT cheap quality but bonafide genuine manufacturer parts. We aim at providing top quality , 'a' grade business laptops including Macbooks, iMac, laptops and PC at an affordable price.  If you want to pre-order or express an interest in upcoming stock please use the form here..



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