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Google and Gmail

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90 mins

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Google and Gmail



About the course

- Attachments
- Customize your priority inbox
- Conversation view
- Labels
- Filters
- Stars
Two phase authentication
- Tabs
- Undo a sent email
- Set Gmail as your default email client
- Gmail extensions
- Snooze emails
- Enable predictive text suggestions
- Create google events from Gmail messages
- Add your emails to google tasks
- Accessing Gmail without internet
- Deleting large attachments
- Enable confidential mode
- Add a personalized signature
- Add “out of office” status for your contacts
- How to backup your entire google account
- How to check complete search history
- How to reset your google accounts password
- How to create a new Google+ account without a Gmail account
- Create group calendars to help keep teams on the same schedule

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