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All out refurbished apple systems and devices come with 3 months warranty which can be extended to 12 and 18 months.   We source all our computer systems x-lease from business customers in Australia and NZ.


Before we put them up for re-sale we check them out using our 20 point refurbishment check.  In particular we check for any sign of stress to components including heat related issues that can shorten the life of any computer.


Call us now for great service at great prices.    All sales include a full GST receipt.  You can even email us with a proposed price - we are very fair and consider all realistic offers.   All systems come with a 3 month back to base warranty repair.  Options for warranty extension to 12 and 18 months available.


We can also add more RAM or upgrade to a faster solid state drive (SSD) to get your older macbook performing like a new one! boot in seconds and extend your battery life with a SSD.

All prices include GST and a business receipt.


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