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Windows XP is finally DEAD!

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows XP support ends the April!  The problem is that they will no longer provide security updates.  The hacker community will go wild. This means you need to upgrade to Windows 7 (my recommendation) or Windows 8.1,  or alternatively migrate to Apple or Ubuntu.  Which ever upgrade you choose we have the options.
  • We can do a clean install or provide the digital download on USB and DVD.

  • We can migrate your data

  • We can migrate your e-mail and set it up in the new environment

  • We can re-install Microsoft Office even if you lost the original disks

  • We sell refurbished x-business lease Apple, Dell and HP Desktops.



​Prices start fr.  $185  


Call Karl now on 0800 622815 or e-mail karl at


Once you know which options are for you we can give you a obligation free quote.

Windows 7 or 8.1  fr. $185

Windows 7 is our recommended choice when staying with Windows.  Windows 8.1 is still finding its feet and really only comes into its own when you have a touch screen.