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General Terms Warranty. 2016.


Cleangreencomputer and macxperts offers a limited warranty on all their refurbished computer and computer repairs.   The general terms are as follows:  

  1. Terms of Sale:  Refurbished items are outside of their manufacturers warranty terms and conditions.

  2. Cleangreencomputer and macxperts provides a 1 month RTD (Return to Base) warranty on the refurbished systems or parts from the date of the sale and or repair as noted above.

  3. Warranty on new components is provided by the manufacturer.

  4. Refurbished sales and repair components including parts supplied during a repair or upgrade are covered by warranty.  Excludes batteries and chargers.

  5. You "the client" is required to pay for shipping costs for warranty purposes.

  6. Any misuse/ accidental damage of the product/s will result in the warranty being void.

  7. Please note: It is recommended that you "the client" look over this invoice and bring to our attention as soon as possible any errors identified. Ownership and release of goods does not pass to buyer until payment is received and cleared in full into the nominated account provided below

  8. Returned Goods: Will be subject to a restocking fee of 25%

These general terms are overwritten by changes/updates listed on your invoice.  You "the client" must rertain the invoice as proof of purchase/repair supporting the warranty. 

updated March 2016.