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I was converted to ESET antivirus.

For years I used free anti virus products and when asked by friends, relatives and customers I always recommended the free tools as long as they weren’t running a business on the same computer as most free antivirus is only available for the home users.  I even stated that these free anti virus tools  in many cases were better than their paid for counterparts.  I won't mention  names or point fingers at specific tools as that would be inappropriate . 


The point is that these free  anti virus tools have got more and more aggressive in their up sell marketing. 


The up sell marketing started to distract to such an extent that I began looking at the paid for tools.  What I noticed was that ESET customers were the least frequent subscribers to my virus removal service and so I thought I would give it a try.


That was back in May 2013 and since then I have been so impressed with the product that I am now an authorized ESET reseller and by default install it on all new or refurbished systems.

It is not only highly intuitive but it doesn’t impact the performance of your computer – and that for many people is a real problem with some of the major players.​


However, that all said  - no antivirus is fool proof or a guarantee that a virus cannot infect your computer.  9 times out of 10 it is us humans that ignore the warnings and let the malicious software or application install itself.


So  a word of caution. If  it sounds to good to be true-  It probably is!  Don’t ever accept emails or text offering money no matter who it comes from. – this is the easiest scam – hijacking a friends email and asking for a small loan.


Call, download or e-mail now to organise a free trial of ESET antivirus.



Anti Virus Companies have asked us to remind you about a destructive malware threat that calls itself CryptoLocker.  ESET Anti-Virus detects it by the name Troj/Ransom-ACP, because that's exactly what it does: holds your files to ransom.


Demanding money with menaces


Malware that encrypts your data and tries to sell it back to you, or else, is not new.


In fact, one of the earliest pieces of malware that was written specifically to make money, rather than simply to prove a point, was the AIDS Information Trojan of 1989. 


Call us immediatley for help and see why we are now an authorised reseller for ESET.