Haswell Core i5-4440 16gb RAM 240gb/2tb SSD/Data
  • Haswell Core i5-4440 16gb RAM 240gb/2tb SSD/Data

    CGC Gaming H81M-plus Segotap - High end Gaming PC 
    This gaming PC features the Haswell processor as well as the decent graphics card, Radeon7950 with 3gb DDR5 It is a great PC for those who love gaming and want high quality graphics for gameplay. It will be able to play all the latest releases with no problems, some even in 4k! The case used is smaller than most and will fit on a most desktops with ease. We have equipped the CGC Gaming 62000 with game ready components, it has a quad core CPU, DDR3 gaming RAM for top quality performance and also powerful graphics card.
    It is unique in that we have three layers of storage. Super fast 240gb SSD for the Operating system and your more demanding games, a 2tb HDD for the majority of your Steam Games and other data.

    Geekbench 3#: 10205, 70FPS
    CPU - i5-4440

    Intel Skylake Core i5 6500 3.2Ghz 6MB LGA 1151 4 Core/ 4 Thread
    Watch games come to life on screen with the 6th generation Intel Core i5 processor. Systems and devices work smarter than ever so your games can run more effectively with an automatic burst of speed when you need it thanks to Intel turbo boost technology.

    Motherboard - B150 chipset
    The B150 chipset supports the latest LGA 1151 socket for the Skylake architecture, it features it's own PCH which allows 8 extra PCIE lanes which you can use for next generation storage.

    Memory - DDR4 Gaming RAM
    16GB of RAM plenty for all your multitasking needs without a dip in performance. We have used high performance gaming RAM for reliability.

    Graphics - Nvidia GTX 960G1
    Gigabyte made the G1 Gaming the best SKU within the GTX 960 range, and as you are about to find out, the product is just really good. It'll tick all the right boxes, especially now with the 4GB graphics memory available. The G1 Gaming models not only look great, they are silent and show high cooling levels under the 60 Degrees C range! Despite the low GPU temps, these cards are factory overc
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