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Fix your wet macbook before its too late!

We can remove fluid residue and debris from your macbook fr. $149 with amazing results BUT first there are a few things you need to do!


We see quite a few macbooks with water or juice spilled on them.  Obviously, liquids and electronics don't mix, so while the answer may seem obvious, there are a few things you can do immediately after the spill.  

First and foremost, immediately remove ALL power, this includes the battery (if possible). The chances of a short occurring as the liquid continues to travel within your machine are greatly reduced by removing power quickly.

Call us for advice at this stage.

Speed is critical.

To date we have successfully repaired 75% of the macbooks we have received with fluid spill.


We allow the machine to dry out for a significant period of time, in an area of low humidity and with good air circulation. Generally this means a minimum of 36-72 hours. Longer time periods may be necessary depending on the ambient humidity level.  Drying time may be decreased by sealing the notebook in a box with uncooked, dry rice or silica gel packets, which reduce humidity.

We do not test the machine until we have allowed a significant drying period. Obviously, you're probably anxious to see if you're facing a hefty repair bill, but your patience will be rewarded. Generally, the longer you wait to plug it back in, the better.

Disassembling the machine to clean it will void your warranty - but then, if you spilled liquid in the machine, your warranty is void anyway. 

Spill damage is always very evident. Most electronics manufacturers, Apple included, affix liquid-sensitive stickers on the insides of machines to detect spills. Don't take the machine to an Apple Store, expecting a warranty repair.

And finally, it makes no difference what the liquid was. The steps to take are the same for each type of liquid. Water, beer, wine, orange juice, apple juice, coffee with lots of sugar and cream, milk, soda... anything... if it's wet, then it's bad

macbook spill repair  fr. $149

disconnect power and if possible remove battery then call us immediately.